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The real estate market is versatile, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Do you have a specific question about real estate? Let us know, and we’ll search for a tailored solution together.

Workplace Management

Taking up a new office building is challenging. How many workplaces can fit the space? Where can you install meeting rooms? Is there a space for presentations and where do you place it best? Are you going for a typical cafetaria or do you prefer a trendy breakout area? With Resors workplace management we analyse your needs and the available space and we make it work.

Building Scan

How popular is the building in today’s market? What’s a correct market rent? Who will be your competitors? Are there any new projects coming soon in the area? For a fixed fee we get you an extensive building scan, completed with well founded commercial advice, so you can go to market well-informed. This document can serve as a manual, but Resor can also offer you active commercial support to carry out the plan.



As an all-round player Kenny helps you find a solution to your specific real estate question. As a specialist in thorough prospecting and analysis of the different branches of the real estate market, he provides detailed tailor-made advice.


Gilles went to New York for his real estate studies, where he was immersed in residential real estate. Once back home, it didn’t take long for JLL to pull his sleeve: the switch to professional real estate was a reality. With those experiences and tons of ambition in his pocket, he founded Resor in 2018, to assist property owners in their commercial activities as a consultant.