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Workplace Management

Taking up a new office building is challenging. How many workplaces can fit the space? Where can you install meeting rooms? Is there a space for presentations and where do you place it best? Are you going for a typical cafetaria or do you prefer a trendy breakout area? With Resors workplace management we analyse your needs and the available space and we make it work.


How popular is the building in today’s market? What’s a correct market rent? Who will be your competitors? Are there any new projects coming soon in the area? For a fixed fee we get you an extensive building scan, completed with well founded commercial advice, so you can go to market well-informed. This document can serve as a manual, but Resor can also offer you active commercial support to carry out the plan.


Enough space for every employee, optimal ventilation, sanitary facilities… there are a lot of aspects that a workplace require to be considered COVID-proof. We take care of a risk-analysis, get you a plan of action and implement it as well. This way, you protect your collegues and you guarantee the continuity of your business.